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What Is Colon Hydrotherapy?


Colon Hydrotherapy or Colonics is a method used to cleanse the colon of fecal matter and impurities that may cause bloating, gas, weight gain, anxiety.


  The procedure involves a small speculum that is inserted into rectum as client is laying on a treatment table.  A fresh water hose and wastewater hose are attached to speculum.  Hoses are about 48 inches in length as the ends of the hoses affix to a coupler on the machine.  Water is double filtered thru a sediment filter and carbon filter.  A series of fills and empties assist in loosening up impurities in the large intestine.  The fecal matter passes through a lit observation tube when it leaves the body.   You will be assigned and unopened hydrokit which is opened in your presence and disposed of immediately once your session is over.  Sessions are about 45 minutees   A single session is $70. A series of 3 $180.  Feel free to ask for senior and group discounts.  Home visits available for elderly and shut ins.

Other services available are ear  candling and massage.

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